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The Conférence Universitaire Suisse Occidentale (CUSO) is an institution that promotes the coordination and the collaboration between universities in western Switzerland, mainly at the level of PhD studies. 18 doctoral programs are currently under the umbrella of the CUSO.

The website goals are to:

  • provide extensive information relating to the mandate of the CUSO
  • give access to all relevant administrative information and provide a repository of internal information
  • offer a platform and a set of common tools for the management of all PhD doctoral programs (members, activities, publications, courses, etc).


In the sub-section of doctoral programs, Tesseract has been used to generate dynamic lists of activities from which users can obtain details and register on-line.

The list shows present and future courses in color and past courses in gray.


The database contains a table with all the information relating to the activities. Tesseract is used to display a subset of the data in a tabular list.


Example of display of a table (powered by Tesseract)

Example of a dynamic table (powered by Tesseract)

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Simple to use!

This project highlighted the fact that any TYPO3 integrator can achieve interesting results using Tesseract.

Basic features of Tesseract enable to produce rapidly and easily compelling dynamic outputs.