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Compatibility, bugs fixed and small features

By: François Suter

A new release of most Tesseract components brings compatiblity with recent versions of TYPO3 CMS and a few other benefits.

This latest release of Tesseract addresses all components except a few (displaycontroller_advanced and googlequery). Its main aim is to ensure compatibility with recent versions of TYPO3 CMS. All new releases are now fully compatible with TYPO3 CMS 6.0 and 6.1.

In particular all Data Consumers (templatedisplay, fluiddisplay and phpdisplay) now support FAL for referencing their template files.

Obviously FAL is also supported in the output, with a new "FAL references" type which relies on the TypoScript FILES content object for rendering. A useful TS snippet is provided.

This was also an opportunity to fix a few bugs and introduce some new features. The improved debugging in displaycontroller is the most important one and has already been announced separately. Here are the other small novelties:

  • in templatedisplay, the PAGE_STATUS marker can now use a page id instead of a full URL.
  • also in templatedisplay, when using a FAL reference for a template, the relation to that template will be properly referenced in the backend. References to records (using the RECORD marker) will also be correctly entered in the global reference index.
  • in fluiddisplay, you will find a view helper to perform page title substitution.
  • in tesseract itself, a new API was added for fetching controller properties, which was then used in various components. This is purely under the hood but further improves the quality of the code base.

As always, you should update all components due to dependencies on code changes across them.