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Debugging improvements coming up

The upcoming release of the "displaycontroller" extension will offer better options for debugging.

A new release of Tesseract is on the horizon with full support for TYPO3 CMS 6.0 and 6.1 (Tesseract basically works with these versions, but improvement like FAL support will offer better interaction). This release includes important changes in the displaycontroller extension with regards to debugging.

First of all, each Display Controller now has debugging options. It is thus possible to turn on debugging for a single content element, making it easier to sort out the flow of debugging information.

Most importantly the output in the frontend. Until now a library called Kint was used, which worked mostly fine but created a very invasive output. We now opted for small icons, with the message being displayed on moving the mouse over.

The additional debug data can be viewed in the browser's JavaScript console by clicking on the debug icon.

If you prefer the old way of debugging, you can still get it by grabbing extension displaycontroller_kintdebug from Github.

We feel this new debugging output in the frontend is cleaner and less obstrusive. We hope that you will appreciate it too.