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April 2012 release

By: François Suter

A new grouped release of Tesseract components happened today. As explained in the pre-announcement, the main change which has an impact across several components is in the handling of empty results, when a filter or a secondary data provider has returned no results. This solves an old, rare bug, but has no visible impact for users.

This release also contains some new features:

  • support for random ordering was added to datafilter and dataquery. In a filter, it is possible to use simply the special keyword "\rand" to trigger random ordering, which is currently supported only by dataquery (random ordering does not make sense with googlequery).
  • with displaycontroller, it is now possible to use the "Save and View" button from the TYPO3 backend. All it requires is a little TSconfig setup for each table. See example below.
  • context-sensitive help was added to templatedisplay for improved usability

Save and view action

With a syntax like (in Page TSconfig):


tx_displaycontroller.tx_foo_bars {
    previewPid = 1498
    parameters = &item=###id###&L=###lang###


where "tx_foo_bars" is the name of the table, you will get a preview window to open with a URL like:


http:// ?id=1498&item=33&L=0


when performing "Save and view" on record 33 of table "tx_foo_bars" in the default language. Full details can be found in the displaycontroller manual.