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Template-based display (templatedisplay)

This extension provides a way to transform the data returned by Data Providers into HTML using templates based on TYPO3's famous ### marker syntax. Thanks to a nice visual interface, it's possible to simply click on a marker and match it to a field from the list of available data. Local TypoScript processing can then be added for rendering.

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Fluid-based Display (fluiddisplay)

This Data Consumer relies on Fluid for rendering, offering the full power of this excellent templating engine inside Tesseract. Requires TYPO3 4.5.

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PHP-based display (phpdisplay)

This Data Consumer simply relies on PHP templates to display the data in the frontend. This is useful when dealing with advanced layouts that require complex processing. phpdisplay targets users that are familiar with PHP. It also provides a good performance since there is no additional template interpretation.

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TypoScript-based Display (datadisplay)

This extension was actually the first Data Consumer. Since the development of templatedisplay however, it was left by the road side and does not work properly with the other Tesseract components anymore. It could be revived if some need arises, but that seems unlikely.

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